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Why you need a cover letter

Why a cover letter?

Whether you are a server or a bartender, adding a cover letter to your resume is the right move. Oddly though, it seems that servers and bartenders are the least likely to include a cover letter. But why not? Any job you want, any job you take seriously, you should approach seriously. It will help you stand out and in a profession where there is so much competition, standing out is a pretty good idea.

How to write one?

Writing a cover letter is not rocket science, but it still requires your articulation and care. A great cover letter can be used for all types of restaurants. Write a great one and deliver it to the upscale restaurant or the local wine bar.

The most important part of a resume cover letter is who you address it to. Address it to someone! Think of when you get mail and it says, “To Bob Jones or Current Resident.” How lame is that? How excited are you to read that piece of mail? Probably not very. It’s the same thing with writing a cover letter.

All you have to do is call the restaurant(s) where you want to work and get the name of the front of house manager and use their name in the cover letter!

Cover letter segments


Paragraph one

Paragraph one of your cover letter is used to explain why you are applying for a job. Are you new to the profession and want to learn as much as possible? Are you experienced and looking for a new restaurant team to join. Why? Did you just move to the area? Do you have a following, but want a change of scenery? Detail your unique situation.

If you don’t have experience as a server or bartender, do you really want to become one? Find out by reading about a bartender job description, waitress job description or hostess job description.


Paragraph two

The second paragraph of your server resume or bartender resume cover letter is to convey your qualification. How much experience do you have? Where? What type of mad skills do you possess? What makes you stand out above all other applicants? What have you done with your time that could help or benefit the restaurant? Sell yourself, honestly.


Paragraph three

Wrap up your cover letter by thanking the manager for reading your resume and considering you for the job. This is where you will also tell the manager what your next step is. Are you awaiting their call? Are you going to call them? When?




Honestly, I personally tend to break the rules of a cover letter. I usually include more paragraphs, but I make them shorter. Cover letters, while they should be professional, should also properly convey your personality. Especially when you are looking for a bartending or serving job; the restaurant industry thrives and is made up of unique people, not cookie cutter.

Just be yourself, and always strive to grow and become better.


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I’ve put a lot of research into these questions and created something that will help answer all of them. From A to Z of getting a job, check out my Restaurant Job E-Book on the subject of getting the job you want.

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