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Welcome Restaurant Managers

Thanks for checking out iamWaitress! You may think this is a website just for waitresses…it’s not. Assuming you are in a leadership role at your restaurant or you are a server that wants to be the best, this site is for you.

iamWaitress wants to help you achieve every one of your restaurant goals. You have a vision of what you want your restaurant to be, what level you want to be, and when you reach it, you’ll want to go to the next level. That’s the nature of successful business and of being human.

A great restaurant is built with a firm foundation.

Before you get to the meat and potatoes of creating the perfect restaurant team, there are fundamentals that you should consider. Here are three articles to help you think in a new way. Because new thinking helps create new teams.

What is a great restaurant?

What is a great restaurant, really? It feels and looks a certain way. And sometimes we get so used to our own restaurant that we forget to assess it and make it even more great.


Should you change your restaurant’s service?

Every successful relationship, corporation, and community changes. While change can be scary, it is worse to stagnate. Take the leap and make a change!


Wake up the restaurant Gods

The Restaurant Gods are real, and you want them on your side. You need them on your side! How do you wake them up and get them to show up at the next shift?


Who is the strongest server that works in your restaurant?

The answer to this question is so important! Is it you? If not, then who is it? And, if you had to rate them on a scale between 1 and 10, what would you rate them? Whatever score you give them is the highest score your entire restaurant can obtain– without external influences, right now.

How can you get your entire service team to that high score? This is what you should be thinking about. How can you best utilize your best players?

“A restaurant can only be as great as the greatest person that works in it.”



Why trust iamWaitress over the 1 Million Servers & managers on the planet?

Everyone has a talent, mine is making servers exceptional. Instead of starting a consulting business, I’ve chosen to create a place for you to go to receive coaching and assistance, so you can make the changes. You can create a better service team, I can help you.

You deserve to have someone that you trust–let me become that person for you. To show my dedication to the subject of service, this June, I am beginning a one year tour to spend 300 shifts with the best service teams in America. There will be no concept, theory or practice that I can’t help you improve or create.

Find what you’re looking for.

4 weeks to a strong team

Whether you believe in full team service or not, following this one month service transition plan will change your entire restaurant–for the better.


Un bad-habit your team

Every successful relationship, corporation, and community changes. While change can be scary, it is worse to stagnate. Take the leap and make a change!


Dining Etiquette

Do you and your team know the rules of dining? For every rule the server should follow, there is a rule for the guest to follow too. It’s like a real relationship!–whaaa?!?


Spirits Training

Want a superior, well-trained service team? Want that team soon–like today? Look no further.

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Server Quizzes

What do your servers know? Find out by sharing these server quizzes. From basic knowledge to specific drinks.

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Wine Menu’s

Want to sell more wine just because of how it’s laid out? There are rules to follow, learn them here.

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