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Wine Courses

Waitress Training

Wine and Cocktail Courses for Waiters

Whiskey, Bourbon and Scotch

You’ll be a Pro in all things Whiskey. From Irish Whiskey to Kentucky Bourbon to Scotch and their regions, you’ll be able to answer all questions and explain every Whiskey you sell.

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Wine 101

This mini course will get you well on your way to understanding wine label lingo and make you a great resource to your guests. You’ll be able to describe the top 10 most popular wine varietals and the foods they pair best with.

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Guest: I’d like a Plymouth gin, cold, with no ice, half sweet vermouth and half dry vermouth drink, garnished with an onion.

You ring in: Perfect Plymouth Gibson, up.

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After dinner drinks

Adding after dinner drinks to your guest’s experience adds to it and increases your average sale, making you more money.

Learn about the options and start selling your guests.

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Vodka Vodka is the number two, top-selling spirit in the world (number one is a Korean, rice based spirit called…

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There are many types of gins on the market but only three styles.

Learn about the different flavor profiles and introduce gin to your sales repertoire.

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How It’s all made

It’s practically impossible to understand why Scotch is peaty, or why Vodka is so high in alcohol, if you don’t understand how alcohol is made.

Take this free course and build a foundation of understanding for all alcohol.

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This course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently read a Tequila label, understand it, explain it and make the right suggestions…

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Every course on this page is included in the Bundle Package.

Learn it all and increase your sales, reduce stress by having all the answers, or find a better restaurant job.

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