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Wine Basics – A Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Wine

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Waitress and Waiter Training--
The Ultimate guide to waiting tables

Whether you’re just get started with waiting tables or are an old pro in the restaurant industry, this page contains many useful resources that will round out your  knowledge and help you to be a good server. If you like what you see here, subscribe to the free weekly newsletter.

Waitress & Waiter Jobs

Resumes, job searches and nailing the interview

Waiting tables is a job that can earn you a lot of money and a great schedule. Some restaurant jobs are better than others for waitress’ and waiters. It’s important that you find the right restaurant for you, and then that you get that job.

All of the resources for finding a restaurant job you’ll find here:

Wine and Spirits Mini Courses

Your job depends on understanding, recommending, and selling wine and spirits. Yet a lot of servers have a weak spot in their knowledge.

Fill in your weak spot with knowledge by taking one of iamWaitress’ many mini-courses. From Wine to Tequila, Martini’s to Scotch, we have you covered.

Tell your manager

Every great restaurant team has a great leader. One who has your back, teaches, boosts, informs, is honest about your weak spots, honest about their weak spots and has your back.

Help your manager get on the same page by sharing an article with them that you think they’ll appreciate.


Restaurant hosting and more

The first person the guest sees is the host. If the host is a ding-dong or the restaurant doesn’t put effort in to seating and making sense, the guest will feel it.

Watch me!

Here are some iamWaitress videos:



Why try to be a better waitress or waiter?


In every organization there are two types of people: those who wait for someone else to provide a solution and those who take responsibility for finding it. It is only by the grace of the second type that organizations are able to operate effectively.

The the one who has integrity.


The better you are at ANYTHING, the more money you will make. That’s just how it works and waiting tables is no different.

If you are not making AT LEAST $20 per hour, then it’s time to find another restaurant job.

The better you are the more money you are worth.

Feels good

You have all god damn day to be important out in the world. Take this as an opportunity to provide the same for someone else.

It really does feel good to treat people so good that they throw you money and give you hugs and smiles.

Living consciously

Look around. The world is filling up with zombies. You probably work with a few: lazy, complainers, want to go home, every mistake isn’t their fault, blah, blah, boring, blah.

It feels good to be present, be good at what you are doing and engage with people.

Everyone is looking for their “purpose” and it’s typically while they are assholes to those around them. How’s this for an idea: your purpose it to touch people’s lives; there is no better place to do so than over a good meal.

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