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The Best 60 Dollar Marketing Idea Ever

The $60.00 Marketing Idea

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on marketing your restaurant, but really, you only need to spend $60.00.

This marketing idea can work for any restaurant, from Michelin Starred to neighborhood joints.

Here’s my Zany theory

People want to feel special and any way that you can make them feel it, the better.  The more you make them feel it, the more they want to be around you…why wouldn’t they, you make them feel special. And if you are a restaurant, then they’ll just want to frequent your restaurant more. (Or at the very least, suggest it to everyone.)

Special Occasions

Every one has:

  1. A birthday

Most people have these other life events:

  1. Anniversary
  2. Graduation
  3. Bachelorette Party
  4. Bachelor Party
  5. Welcome back party
  6. Date night
  7. Vacations


My zany marketing idea


Create A Special Occasions Book For Your Guests To Sign

Create A Special Occasions Book For Your Guests To Sign

What does your restaurant do to help your guests celebrate special occasions and make them feel special?  Some restaurants will buy dessert, present a special dessert, buy glasses of Sparkling wine and some do nothing.  I think all of these ideas are great and well intentioned, (except for the “we do nothing”), but there is a better idea…

The idea of building a busier restaurant is to get people to want to either:

  • come back
  • tell friends to visit your restaurant
  • talk positively about your restaurant

Let’s get back to the idea of people wanting to feel special. People want to feel exclusive.  If you couple that with a great food and a great service experience, you have just created a customer for life.

So, create a book for your restaurant.  Let, (the keyword is LET) some special guests sign the book.

We’d be honored if you would sign our special occasions book. Just remember where you sign it so the next time you come in you can look it up!

The Book, imagine the fun and potential


Put your restaurants name and logo on the front. Call it whatever you like:

  • The “restaurant name” special occasion book
  • Book of memories
  • Remember that time we went out to eat…
  • What’d you do tonight?
  • What’d you eat tonight?
  • May we have your autograph?


Your Restaurants Story

Let your guests open the book up to the story of your restaurant.  Tell your guests everything you want them to know.

  • Who’s the owner?
  • When did the restaurant open?
  • What did this building used to be?
  • Where did the owner get their inspiration?
  • Who’s the chef? Who was the original Chef?
  • What awards have you won?
  • What direction do you envision for your restaurant?
  • Who are the servers?

The more people know about your restaurant the more connected to it they become, and that turns people into stark raving fans of your restaurant!  Who couldn’t use a bunch of raving restaurant fans?


People Connect To People

Utilize this!

Involve your staff! Get bio’s, or funny stories, or the craziest thing they’ve ever done, or their proudest moment, or their life goal…

People will read these and find a connection, I promise.  “I see Dan trekked in Nepal. So did we, I think we should request him next time”.

If you create a connection to your restaurant AND someone in it…you are fricken’ golden.

Table Of Contents

You would want to show your guests to their specific area in the book for their special occasion, but it should be searchable as well.  At some point people are going to hear about it and look for their friends entry. “Did Jason say that they came here for his birthday or anniversary? I can’t remember.”

  1. Birthday
  2. Anniversary
  3. Graduation
  4. Bachelorette Party
  5. Bachelor Party
  6. Welcome back party
  7. Date night
  8. Vacations
  9. ***Proposals–this is a gold mine!  You can potentially have them as a customer at least every year for the next 50 years! Whaaa?!?
  10. Other


People like memories and if you can create a timeline of great memories, then people will come back to dine with you again. They’ll want to add more memories or search and remember previous ones.

People who are out to “regular dinner” will witness this presentation and autographing of “The Book”.  It’s great fodder for conversation and it will plant a seed for them to visit you on their next special occasion.


How To Make The Book

The most affordable, convenient and highest quality self publishing company out there is Blurb.  I have made a wedding book using them and it turned out stellar.

It’s easy to use. You can choose how many pages, font style,  paper quality, size of book, and you can add pictures!

Have fun with this.

Make it a goal to complete it THIS MONTH.  Why wait?  You don’t want to miss out on next months Special Occasion Tables, do you?

 Step 1: Register with Blurb, (FREE)

Step 2: Hover on “Make your book”

Step 3: Choose a format, I suggest Blurb Bookify Online

Step 4: Download the software

Step 5: Make your book!


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