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Fort Collins, CO

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Key words: Sexy room. Eye candy drink presentations. Artisan barkeeps. Genuine hospitality. Fun!

When you give a genuine dose of hospitality, and provide fun, artisinal, delicious products via a knowledgeable and glad-to-see-you type of team, all in a space that makes you go “damn, this is sexy!”– that’s a formula for success.

Ty Fulcher is the owner and visionary behind the new and bustling Social, in Fort Collins, CO. After 20+ years in the industry, including time in Italy to study wine, Ty decided to open his own space.


It wasn’t as easy as that though. It took five years of planning, obtaining building permits, and more planning before Social opened its doors at the end of 2013. Now that the space is finished, it’s hard for me to imagine it ever being the doomy and cluttered basement that Ty describes. After a complete demolition it was a big, empty room, “that I sat in, no joke, for days. …Sitting there, drawing on the floor, putting down tape, ripping it up, starting over, and so on.”


But the vision and tape pulling paid off. Social is one of the most unique and deliberate floor plans I have ever seen. But what about the drinks?


A man walks into a bar…


…and says


…with a bear

…asks for a

….in a clown outfit


When people walk into a bar, you never know where they’ve come from or why they’ve come. And it doesn’t really matter, does it? If you read your guest and want the best for them, you can deliver exactly what it is they need to have a great experience. Ty says, “It’s our goal either way to make sure that when they [the guest] walk out, they’re in a better mood than when they came in.”


For guests that don’t want to be engaged in conversation, yet don’t want to be left “staring at a wall of booze,” which Ty points out happens too often, Social won’t leave you wanting for watching.


As Hillary, one of Social’s talented bartenders, makes a signature drink for a guest–the Old Stogie– I notice eyes from around the bar turning to watch its creation. Even people engaged in conversation with their friends can’t resist taking a peak at the smoldering tea and encapsulated smoke.


Do you love whiskey? How about bone marrow? Then you’ll be happy if you order the Roasted bone marrow and do the whiskey luge after your meal.


Order the Hemmingway Daiquiri and watch how a cinnamon stick turns into a smoldering accoutrement.

Watching these drinks being made is fun, but learning about them is enlightening. You can ask any bartender about any drink and you’ll end up a smarter person. Hillary would welcome any questions about any of the spirits. She holds the knowledge and loves “being able to dork out on the drinks” with guests.




Beyond great drinks, the crew at Social has hospitality in their DNA. This became evident early in my shift when they see a familiar face–Jerry. As I was talking to Ty, two guests were making their way down the stairs into Social. Ty saw them and lit up.”It’s Jerry! Look who’s here, Emily. It’s Jerry!”

And the excitement is contagious. Emily, Ty’s wife and Social server, says, “Oh ya! It is Jerry. Hey Danny, did you see who just walked in? It’s Jerry.”


With all the buzz, I thought Jerry must be an investor, or a restaurateur, or Danny’s dad? As it turns out, he’s just a regular guy, who is a regular at Social, and because the team has met him once, the team welcomes him back with genuine happiness.


Throughout the night regulars came in and the team at Social was just as excited to see them as they were Jerry.


All it really takes is coming in once, Danny behind the bar will introduce himself to everyone of his guests. All of his Social interactions begin and end with a friendly, good-to-see-you handshake.


Honestly, I don’t know what it was like to walk into a bar after prohibition ended, but I get the feeling, aside from the cutting edge drink ideas, that walking into Social holds the same feeling of celebration that it did then. Walk in and tell me what you think!


This bar teaches us that good ole fashioned happy-to-see-you is never out of vogue.


Thank you Ty and Emily Fulcher for going well above and beyond the going rate of hospitality. And thank you Danny,  Hillary, and Clair for being so informative and honestly kind. Jen and Rafie–we shall meet one day, of this I am sure!


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