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Restaurant Hiring Guide

Restaurant Hiring Guide




Restaurant Hiring Guide

This hiring guide is a must have for any manager that is looking for ways to find great hires. You need to spend time training your service team, but you need to know that you are spending time and money training the right people.

The Restaurant Hiring Guide has over 30 pages that will guide you every step of the way. It includes:

1.  Over 100 application or interview questions.  Move past, “what kind of experience do you have?” and ask pertinent, revealing questions.   Get to know your job candidates before you hire them, not after.

2.   Creating the advertisement. The words you use in your advertisement are step one to finding the right people for the job.  Choose the words carefully and the right people will apply for the job.

3.   Application templates. Use one of the 5 application templates provided in this e-book.  They are fun, and unique and will help you “know” the person, even before the interview.


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