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Culinary Cliff Notes

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Culinary Cliff Notes


Popular menu terms that your guest doesn't know (but you will).



Culinary Cliff Notes


Listen, I’ve been there. That’s why I created this product.

Your guest asks you what something on the menu is and:

  • you don’t know.
  • you’re fricken’ weeded already and don’t have time to ask somebody.
  • you can not ask the kitchen or another server because you’ll like like an asshole, because:
    • you should know this.
    • didn’t we go over this?
    • “everybody” knows this.
    • seriously, how can you not know this?

It’s not that the answer isn’t out there, it’s just tracking down a chef, manager, or server to ask them. And then you feel like a dum-dum.

(That’s the worst part, feeling like a dum-dum.)

So, my culinary terms cheat sheet will save you face in front of your co-workers and make you look like a smarty-pants in front of your guest.

Thank God!

(See, I’ve got your back…I’ve always got your back.)


***If you need more cheat sheets, consider getting my bundle pack. It’s more economical and has all the answers: General, wine, cocktails, culinary spirits, whiskey. Buy Here


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