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Cliff Notes Bundle Pack (For Servers)

Cliff Notes Bundle Pack (For Servers)


Never, ever say, “I don’t know” again.

These reference sheets fit into your server book and are jammed with every piece of information a server could ever hope to know. You’ll have, in your pocket, knowledge of over 20 wines, recipes to cocktails, information and tasting notes on whiskey and a culinary cheat sheet.

In other words, you’ll always be prepared.



Bundle and save!

Why pigeon hole yourself and learn only some of what you should learn?

The bundle pack is the way to go. You’ll receive:

The Basic Server Knowledge Sheet: Beer varietal profiles, Basic spirit info, Meat temperatures, Cooking terms, Allergy breakdown, Wine service rules (according to the Court of Master Sommeliers), 40+ Cocktail Recipes, 30+ Wine Varietals, pronunciation, country origin, characteristics and food pairing guide, Liqueur flavor profiles and coffee drink recipes.

Culinary Cliff Notes: New menu item? Old menu item? Stop wondering what the terms on your menu mean and look in your server book, the answers can be right there. You no longer have to ask Chef (because you know how helpful and happy he is), you’ll have the answers.

Spirit Cliff Notes: How is vodka made? What are the 4 styles of gin? What’s the difference between Mezcal and Tequila, and while we’re at it, what do the aging labels mean?  What are the differences in Port styles? Cognac, Grappa, Calvados…what are they made from? How are they served? What are the flavor profiles of the different types of liqueurs? All of these answers and more can be found in the Spirit Cliff Notes Download.

Whiskey Cliff Notes: How do you make a Manhattan? What are the tasting notes of the popular Scotches? Speaking of Scotch, what are the styles, what is a single malt, what is peat? How is Scotch different than Bourbon? What is straight Bourbon? And a ton more vital pieces of Whiskey info.

***8 Total pages of Information that will make you smarter, more confident and make you more money.


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