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Restaurant Butter–Presentation Ideas

Presenting Butter

For most restaurants, the bread and butter is the first food that hits the table.  You have the ability to use this as a tool to set the tone for the rest of the dining experience.  Many restaurants will use  a regular plate, which is fine, but there are other cost effective and interesting ways to serve the butter.

This post is meant to trigger those creative juices that flow within you.  Maybe you will use one of these ideas directly, which is perfect, they’re meant to be used.  But maybe you will come up with your own clever ways, and if we’re lucky you’ll share it below in the comment area.




  ↑   Butter Parfait.   ↑

If you love raisin-walnut bread then you may like this sexy, deconstructed version of it.  Use whatever bread you would like as your base.

To create I layered butter with the raisins and walnuts.  A cookie cutter from World Market was used to make the shape but I am quite sure that you have something in your kitchen that will be just as effective.

  Butter is churned cream. The liquid left over from churning is buttermilk. Butter has about 100 calories per tablespoon; that’s why it’s so good!




↑   What is that butter in?   ↑


A $1.00 candle votive, that’s what!

Let your butter soften, put it into a small candle votive, level that bad-boy off, add some kosher salt and voila!  Sexy and illuminatingly simple!

WeGlow International 3″ Glass Candle Holder (Pack Of 12)

It takes a little under three gallons of milk to make one pound of butter, yikes!





↑   Circles Of Simplicity!   ↑

This is butter sliced at about 1/4 of an inch and cut out with a circular cookie cutter.  For a fun and simple finish I added a chive blossom.  The butter is served on a .25 cent tile from Home Depot.

India produces more butter than any country in the world. Whaaaat?!?





   An Ice Cream Scoop And A Granite Tile Create This ↑ Rustic And Simple Presentation.

One grand amount of butter, one ice cream scoop and a $2.00 slate tile from Home Depot really came through for me here.  There is an array of long tiles at Home Depot that would be perfect for serving all sorts of food.  I liked the rustic feel of this one.  It is so simple yet affordable and really unique.

Don’t put butter on that burn! The Red Cross says that putting butter on a burn can actually trap heat in, which increases the risk of infection.





 ↑   A Pretty Way To Display Your Choice Ingredients.   ↑

French baguette, balled butter (from an ice cream scoop), walnuts, kosher salt and chopped raisins.  Served on a $2.00 slate tile from Home Depot.

Unopened and unsalted butter will keep in the refridgerator for up to two months. Because salt is a preservative, salted butter will keep for up to three months.





↑   Butter cubed and stamped with a warmed craft stamp.   ↑

Do you have a stamp that is pretty, funky or perfectly reflective of your restaurants personality?  Heat that puppy up and press it down on a cube of butter.  Understated and elegant.

Did your family use butter or margarine when you were growing up?






↑   Small Tiles, Big Tiles, Slate Tiles And Finally–Glass Tiles.   ↑

One big boy and four small.  Serve your bread on the larger tile and the accouterments’s on the smaller.  Smear the butter or present it intact and with shape.  Here I have parmesan, butter and kosher salt.

Do you have a clever way of presenting butter?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below or upload a picture for display on the site.  Remember, your cleverness is amplified when shared with others in the industry.


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