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Palace Arms

Palace Arms

Location: Denver, Colorado

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Key Words: Old School, Regal, Charm, Rich, Gangster.

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The first America restaurant was opened in 1827, in New York City. That puts the profession of restaurant server at almost 200 years old. A lot has changed in that time, most for the better. Sometimes though, you want to have a dining experience that holds the charm of the past.

With regality and an old school feel, Palace Arms offers that to its dinner guests. Couple that with a killer, and modern, service score, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a dining experience.


With a service score of 4.9 out of 5 on Opentable, Palace Arms has a restaurant service team worth celebrating.

For those of you who aren’t overly familiar with OpenTable, a 4.9 service score is damn near impeccable. And it’s hard to get. That’s also why Palace Arms is rated in the top 10 for service in America.


Wicked Resumes


Jeannine is the Sommelier and Maitre d’ at Palace Arms.  It’s a Friday night and there is not a lot of time to interview people, so I took advantage of our trip downstairs to her very impressive wine cellar. I asked her about her background.

In her beautiful Austrian accent she recounts her past, beginning with a childhood where she spent much time in her parents restaurant, in Austria. That’s where her love for hospitality was born, and since then has woven its way through many of her adulthood decisions. While in Austria Jeannine graduated from hospitality school and learned all angles of the business. She gained certification in wine, culinary, and service varieties, among other things.

After hospitality school she took a job in St. Thomas with a hotel group to take advantage of their 1.5 year management training program. Once that was completed she thought, “that’s not enough” and went to school to get her B.A in marketing.

I focus on Jeannine’s resume because it exemplifies the type of people that this team embodies: people educated in service, who never want to stop learning.


Experience and Elegance

My conversation with Jeannine continued into the server station. I asked her about her training in table side presentations.  Cheetah (Lonnie) jumps in and begins explaining dover sole and its table side de-boning.  “If it sticks to the bone, it’s undercooked,” Cheetah tells me. He is a back waiter this evening and his primary job is table side cooking. He let me accompany him to a table earlier in the evening while he prepared a Caesar salad for a nice couple.

Watching him interact with the table was a treat. I love when someone exudes dignity and elegance yet is approachable and calmly friendly. It’s a gift to display these two sides of oneself.

Mark offers the same demeanor . He is tall, professional, and statuesque. He owns a commanding voice, but won’t be using it much tonight. He is running the expo station which entails coordinating dishes, firing, calling for amuse, fetching Ceasar salad set-ups, and marking tables.

Don’t forget about Omar who’s been in the business “a long time.” So long in fact that he intends to write a book about service.  And Kendra, another front waiter, has been with the team for almost six years.

Lou is bussing tonight. A swarthy man with keen eyes for the room. Among many things, he pours water for guests (which comes from an artisian well dug  when the hotel was built in 1892), offers an assortment of bread from a salver using the frenching technique, and is responsible for coffee service at the end of the guest’s meal.


With all of these seasoned servers on this well established team it’s no wonder they’ve earned themselves the accolades that they much deserve.


This team teaches us that carrying a demeanor of dignity and elegance is perfect when it is matched with a friendly and charming attitude.


Thank you Jeaninne for allowing me to come and spend the evening with you and your team. You are quite inspiring to me. Thanks team! Mark, Omar, Cheetah, Kendra, Lou and Charlotte.  You should all be so proud of the service you give, it is unique and dynamite!


Industry Connections

Reggie, a young and up-coming culinary wizard, has heard of iamWaitress through Chef Joe West of the Cincinnatian in Cincinnati.

Mark, the deep voiced professional waiter, used to work with Dewayne, of the Penrose Room at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.



If you like Palace Arms, you could try The Pepper Tree in Colorado Springs


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