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Build a stronger service team.

Or learn how to be a stronger server.



For Servers


Weekly Information About:


  • Wine facts from a Certified Sommelier
  • Cocktail information from a Spirit Course Creator
  • Food knowledge from Lead Server at a James Beard winning restaurant
  • Service guidance from a Restaurant Service Professional
  • Ideas and How to’s shared from Restaurant concepts worldwide

For Managers


Weekly Guidance On:


  • How to Get Strong “Eyes For The Room” (and your service team)
  • How and When To implement Changes
  • How To Build a Strong And Loyal Service Team
  • How To Educate Your Servers
  • How To Be The Best Leader To Your Service Brigade



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  Weekly updates on the restaurants I have toured! Learn what I have learned from the comfort of your own home! (Oh, home sounds so good to me right now!)

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The glow of being one bad-ass Restaurant Professional

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