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Me: Jennifer Anderson

I have been a server for eight years.  While, relatively speaking, that amount of time isn’t very long, I have worked at quality restaurants with outstanding guidance.  I have went from not knowing if a cabernet was a place or a varietal to having taken and passed two of the four Court of Master Sommelier tests.  I have spent many a night off thinking about the restaurant industry; how to make it better, how to improve service and what products I could use that would be sexy while being utilitarian.

I have racked my brain on how to help others in the industry.

I have racked my brain on how to get more information from people who are better at my profession than I am.

In April of 2012 I decided to create  I was certainly passionate about the profession but I also knew that there was a load of information out there that you have that I don’t.  I wanted to access that information in exchange for information that I could share with you.   With over 1.5 million people in the industry (Front of House), there is a lot of knowledge out there. There are better ways of doing things, experiences to be shared and ideas that save time and make money. is an aggregate of those ideas, yours and mine.

Work, past and present

The Blue Star, Colorado Springs, CO   2004-2010

BlueStem, Kansas City, MO 2010-current

 Below, A Video Of Where I Currently Work

Bluestem | A Day from Bluestem on Vimeo.


Sommelier Introductory, Court of Master Sommeliers 2008

Court of Master Sommelier, Certified Sommelier 2008


In order to learn as much as I can from as many people as I can I have to get out there and stage. My list of service stages will continue to grow.

The American Restaurant, Kansas City, MO 

La Belle Vie, Minnealopis, MN

I am always looking for great restaurants to stage at.  If you own, manage or work at a restaurant that you think I could learn from, then I would love to stage with you.



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