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From horrible server to 300 U.S restaurant tour…

My beginning

I am a fine dining server, but that hasn’t always been the case. I have never been into the mainstream educational system, so as soon as I could get out of it, I did. (I love learning, I study everyday, but school just isn’t my thing). I have had, to date, 28 jobs, but my last 2 have taken up the last 8+ years. It took me quite awhile to find the restaurant industry (I’m a late bloomer in that regard), but WOW do I love it.

I hesitated on entering the field because I had visions of  dirty aprons and spilled ketchup, I am not greatly fond of either.  It wasn’t until I started in the profession that I realized where you work  dictates the amount of dirty aprons and ketchup you’ll come in contact with.

me and korynne

When I started serving, I sucked

My first real serving job was at The BlueStar in Colorado Springs. It is still the apple of my eye. It was team serving (I didn’t understand the awesomeness of team serving until I worked in one), and I was the weakest link in the team.  If I had not worked team serving, I doubt I would have ever gotten much better, but I had people depending on me and a bar was set by my peers. My team had the power to give me the old heave-ho, so rather than say I’m sorry at the end of shifts (for not pulling my weight and being generally douchey) I would give my tips to the other servers.  If I made $150 and I knew I didn’t pull my weight, I let them have it…just don’t fire me yet!

Giving up my tips based on my performance really inspired me to work hard at becoming better. I had to earn that money!

Our wine list had 700+ wines and I didn’t know if Cabernet was a grape or a region. So, I studied and became a Certified Sommeleir with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

I became the fine dining trainer.

I became a kick ass server.

I learned how to organize my thoughts.

I learned about food, wine and drink.


Beginning June 9th I will be spending one year away from husband, friends, and family to tour the U.S.

I am spending 100+ shifts with the best restaurant service teams in the U.S.

I’ll write about these teams, how they impress their guests, and what we can learn from them.

Unfortunately, most restaurant are not run as efficiently as they could be, meaning they are not a strong team.  That’s by choice though. Many restaurants don’t believe that working together is the better alternative to working as individuals.  In these restaurants, servers don’t know what is going on in their fellow servers sections.  And if this is the case, then I guarantee that they don’t know what is going on in other restaurants.

That’s very unfortunate because if we were more connected as a profession, we could learn from each other.

We can inspire each other.

Allow me to introduce to you the service teams that set the bar so high.  Let’s get inspired, become better and bring this profession to a higher level of respect and esteem.



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