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Make More Money; There Are 2 Ways

More Money?  Yes please!

How to do it?  There are two ways…well, actually, there are countless ways but the two ways that I would like to focus on are the two ways that are in-your-face options right  now.  They are as follows; be the best at the restaurant  you work at, or work at a better restaurant.


If you are reading this you may not quite understand the monetary potential of the industry you are in.

It has recently come to my attention that the general public has an opinion about the income of this profession and that opinion is not one of “lucrative status”.  It has also come to my attention in recent months that there are people in the industry itself that hold the same opinion.  Woe is them…woe is them!

Here is what I have come to realize: the amount of servers in this country with the knowledge and ability to offer exceptional service are in direct proportion to the amount of customers in this country that have the ability to exhibit high manners, class and tact.  There are boundless people in both categories that fall below this line of excellent service/etiquette, yet both of these types of people demand that the other perform and act flawlessly (or close to it).  What nonsense!  Here is the nonsense scenarioThe server is disgusted by the ill manners of the general public and the general public is sick and tired of bad service.  I feel for both!  I have pity for neither.  They are a perfect match!

If a customer demands excellent service yet patronizes an establishment of casual fare, low prices and common service, it is their folly of judgement in expecting top notch service. Disclaimer: It is not a guarantee to have dis-pleasurable service at an establishment such as this.  Excellent service is performed by a persons attentive nature and attention to detail rather than the place they work, but it is harder to find such persons in such places.  If a server demands manners, a 20% gratuity and common decency yet works at an establishment that offers casual fare, low prices and if they give average service, it is their folly of judgement in expecting more from their customer .   Disclaimer: It is not a guarantee to have a dis-pleasurable experience with a customer is such an establishment as this.  Excellent customers are individuals with a classy nature, gratuitous upbringing and natural sophistication; these people may dine in an average restaurant although it is harder to find such customers in such places.

Both of these camps of people are disillusioning  themselves and not following the science of odds.  The odds are you will receive shitty service at a shitty restaurant.  The odds are you will gain excellent tips from an excellent restaurant and vice versa, vice versa.

So, considering this website is for servers!, my advice to you is this; become the best server where you currently work!  Next? Quit. Next? Get a job at the next best place in town, if not the best place.  Here is why…

20% of low check averages equals low tip averages.

20% of high check averages equals high tip averages.


I’ll take a burger ($12.00) , side of fries ($4.00), a beer ($6.00) and dessert ($6.00).  @+20%  =  $6.00


I”ll have the heirloom caprese salad ($15.00), the foie gras appetizer ($25.00), the kobe filet entree ($80.00), the chocolate souffle desert ($15.00) and a bottle of wine ($60.00).  @+20% = $40.00


I’ll take the 20 course ($400.00) with wine pairings ($175.00). @+20% =  $ 115.00

See the difference? 

I understand, as you do, that there are many degrees in between these three examples.  That is to be said with any profession.  If you are a real estate agent and you are on the lower rung, you will be selling houses that have the lowest prices in the industry.  Or, you can be in the top bracket, you can sell the $5,000,000 homes and make a commission off of those, the higher commission the industry has to offer.  You choose!

Whether this profession is the profession of your dreams or not, you will either be at the lower end or the higher end.  You will either be bad at your job in the lower end, great at your end in the lower end, bad at your job in the higher end or excellent at your job at the higher end…you choose.

So, be the best you that you can be and get compensated for that.  You can make $60.00 per shift or $500.00…you choose.


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