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How to Carry 4 Glasses

How to Carry 4 Glasses

You probably work in a restaurant where tray service is required, but there are still times where the transportation of multiple glasses, without a tray, is necessary.  Here is how to do it.

Remember, practice makes perfect.





Balance the first glass between your palm and your arm. It should sit directly on your wrist line.





re-size palm.glasses.004

Balance the second glass against the first, on top of your thumb pad.  You can gently secure it with your thumb and your pointer finger.






palm.glasses.005Balance the third glass against the first and second.  You won’t have any fingers to help support it, but that’s okay; the other two glasses will do the trick.






Finally, balance the fourth glass against the second and third and on top of your middle finger.

To make sure the fourth glass is 100% secure, use the tips of your ring and pointer finger to grasp it.

Once the fourth glass is added, you will no longer have to use your pointer finger to secure the second.  It’s like a waiters miracle!


And there you have it.  You are on your way to carrying multiple drinks to your wonderful, patient, fun and huge tipping guests!

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