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Full Booze Course Graduation

1. This assessment is also the Spirits and Wine Master Course’s final exam.  It gives the student proof of how much they’ve learned, which is a ton!

Every single person who completes this course, scores at least 28 out of the 34 subject questions.

Your first question is: How well do you think you will score?

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2. Which of the following ingredients is in a classic martini?

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3. Ring this order in: “I’d like Bombay gin, served cold with no ice, with equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, garnished with a cocktail onion.”

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4. When someone orders a gibson, which of the following is NOT a follow up question?

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5. ____________ is a neutral spirit “without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color” so it is excellent for cocktail creations. 

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6. Malting creates ___________ and is essential in fermenting _______.

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7. I want Brandy!  So check what kind of ______ you have.

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8. If an alcohols ABV is 40%, what would the Proof be?

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9. I’m your customer.  I’m particular but clueless.“I do NOT want to drink anything that has a greater ABV that 17%.”

So, you in general you would steer your guest AWAY from:

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10. Your guest LOVES all Pinot Noir.  Oddly, your wine menu has nothing that says “Pinot Noir.” Which of the following wines would you confidently steer your guest to…you are positive they’ll love it!

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11. I would like to drink something herbaceous. Which of the following would you NOT recommend to me?

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12. Which of the following is NOT a category of gin?(Could you explain the differences to a guest?  I bet you carry two or three of these at your restaurant.)

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13. Old World wines tend to:(Which two of the following are NOT correct?)

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14. People love their single malt Scotch, don’t they?What does it mean anyway?  Why is Single Malt Scotch so damn special?

When your guest orders a “Single” Malt, it simply means that the Scotch has been produced from  ________________.

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15. Scotch MUST contain ___________.(Hint:  It is the BEST at helping in the malting process.)

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16. Age indicator on a Scotch label are vital, especially for your serious Scotch drinkers.  The age represents the _______________. 

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17. Sangiovese is primarily:

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18. As a server, you should be able to name the following drinks. (Hints below)

Rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, maraschino cherry juice, maraschino cherry garnish, (served “up” or “on the rocks”:

Gin, sweet vermouth, campari bitters, 1/2 slice orange or lemon, orange garnish, (excellent as an aperitif):  

Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer:

Bourbon, bitters, water, sugar, maraschino cherry, orange wedge:  

Hints list:

  • old fashioned
  • moscow mule
  • negroni
  • manhattan



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19. Some people are genuinely allergic to sulfites.Other people think they are because sulfites “give them a headache.”

If you have a guest who, for whatever reason, wants to drink a wine with the lowest amount of sulfites, which one of the following would you recommend?

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20. If your guest orders their Scotch “neat,” how do you present it to them?

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21. Which of the following varietals would you never find in a Bordeaux?

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22. Can you answer your guests questions?“Excuse me wonderful server. I want to try Bourbon, but I’m curious what “straight” bourbon is?”

It’s simply:

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23. I know that Reposado is special, but why?One reason is because Reposado Tequila has been aged:

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24. Is a mixto good, bad, or indifferent?What is a mixto anyway?

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25. Can you tell your guests cool stuff about __________?Look at the following hints and tell me what Spirit I am referring to:
  1. A pit in the ground
  2. Donkeys
  3. Wild yeast strains
  4. Smoky flavors

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26. Your guest wants a really smooth Tequila.Therefor you’ll probably want to suggest the one that has been aged the longest.

What label term will you look for to get the longest aged Tequila?

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27. Which of the following drinks requires no follow up question(s)? (Beyond asking bourbon/rye preference.)

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28. True or false: Cognac is unique in the sense that it always has distilled orange or citrus skin as a main flavor profile.

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29. Your bartender is out of their usual orange flavored liqueur, but in order to make your guests drink, they need to find one!Don’t worry, you have others to use.  Which of the following is NOT an orange flavored liqueur?

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30. A ___________  is any alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit that has been flavored with fruit, cream, herbs, spices, flowers or nuts and bottled with the addition sugar or other sweetener. 

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31. Fun trivia!Which of the following drinks was originally created as an easy way to take anti-malaria medicine?

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32. Confident with service etiquette?  There’s a reason for all service etiquette.  When delivering a drink to a guest, you should always deliver it _________________.

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33. Which of the following is considered consistently sweeter than the others?Do you know why?  Tell your guests, people love to know this stuff!

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34. Currently, how solid do you feel about your spirits and wine knowledge?


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