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Frasca, Food and Wine


Bouler, CO

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Accolades: Bonjwing recommended, James Beard 2013 winner: outstanding wine program.

Key words: Neighborhood Restaurant, Impeccable, Wine.

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There are few places that a diner can go to be surrounded by so many wine experts as there are at Frasca.

It goes to show that when someone is freely passionate about something, and educated in that passion, a universe of like minded people will form.




A restaurant is a long reflection of the owner, and judging from the fact that there are fourteen Sommeliers employeed at Frasca, I think it is safe to say that the service leader, Bobby Stuckey, is “into wine.”

Stuckey shares a title only 218 other people in the world share; Master Sommelier. A Master Sommelier is someone who has studied and passed the three part, in-depth Master Sommelier Exam. It’s pretty much the equivalent of being a neurosurgeon of wine, and having a Master Sommelier title garners as much respect. It’s a big deal and everyone in the wine world knows it. That’s why restaurant professionals from around the country apply to work at Frasca. To have a mentor such as Stuckey is a rare opportunity. But it’s not only Stuckey. There are thirteen other front of house employees that have Sommelier certification. This is a wine knowledge mecca!

One “problem” for people who want to work at Frasca is their low turnover. If you want to work at Frasca, you probably won’t be hired on as a server. For some people that’s a deal breaker, for others, it’s just the price one pays to gain the mentorship and culture they want to be surrounded with.

Before my shift at Frasca, I had heard a rumor that every new employee has to start out as a polisher. (Vine video = polishing room.) When I ask Rose if this is true, a server who has been at Frasca since day one, she clarifies, “It’s not that they have to start as a polisher, it’s just better for them if they do.” She goes on to explains that the level of culinary, spirit and wine knowledge needed to work as a front server at Frasca is better introduced in doses, over a course of time.

That doesn’t stop people from applying for an opportunity and saying, “I do” to any job offered to them. Because of that the team at Frasca, from the polisher to the front service team, is exceptional. To prove my point, both Nathan and Austin, a polisher and a back-server respectively, hold their Advanced Sommelier Certification.


What’s the difference?


There are four different levels of a Sommelier.

Everyone starts out taking a weekend seminar about wine. This weekend seminar merely covers, at a rapid pace, all the information that a candidate should already know. Passing this exam does not make you a Sommelier, it merely qualifies you for the certification exam.

The certification exam is difficult for anyone who has not studied wine to a high degree. It invloves a blind tasting of a red and white wine, and an exam that quizes you about anything from the AVA’s of California to the regions of Rhone to the varietals of Ribero Del Duero. The reason this exam is tricky is because you never know what quesions will be on it, therefor in order to do well, you must study everything, and study it well.

For those who want to take their knowledge and resume to an even higher level, there is the Advanced Sommelier Certification. This exam is even more extensive. Not only are the questions broader, yet more detailed, but the tasting portion is even more intense. The candidate must blind-taste three red and three white wines within twenty minutes. The candidate passes when they achieve a 60% score or higher. The pass rate is 30%.

And finally, for those who strive to be in the elitest of clubs, there is the Master Sommelier Certification. In order for a candidate to sit for the Master Exam they must have passed the previous three exams, obtain a reference from a Master Sommelier, and be invited to take it. This exam is one of the hardest of any profession, with a pass rate of 10%. There are only 219 Master Sommeliers in the world.



This leader teaches us that when you have a passion and knowledge, and share it freely, others of a high caliber will want to join you.


Thank you Peter for allowing me to stage with your team. Thank you Bobby Stuckey for doing great things with your great knowledge and inspiring others. And thank you team: Matthew, Austin, Allison, Cye, Rose, Nathan, Audrey, Maggie, Karma, Adam, and everyone else who answered my questions and tolerated my presence.

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