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Find A Job Using Social Media

Social Media, it can help you find a job


Social media is taking over more and more of our lives, from helping us keep in touch with friends to making decisions, such as where to eat or shop. Today, social media has even crept into the job search and can be a great tool for finding and getting the perfect job for you.


Social media has revolutionized the job search on both sides; employers are using social media to screen potential employees, and employees are using social media to get a feeling for the climate of a business before they make any commitments. So how can you utilize social media fully to guarantee yourself a job you’ll love?



We all know that Facebook is a great way to waste time, but it can also be a fantastic tool in learning more about the restaurant or business that you want to work at. There are a couple key things to look for on a Facebook page that will tell you a lot about the business.

1) Are there recent posts? If there aren’t, it may mean that the management is a bit older. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s good to know. Also, this may mean it’s a local favorite, so your guests will generally be regulars. If there are always new posts, it means the restaurant is probably trying to expand their customer base and may be newer.

2) What is the tone of the page? This will tell you a lot about the people that you’ll be working with. Is it playful and fun? All about business? Knowing the tone of the business can help you prepare for an interview.

3) Are there any complaints, and if so how are they handled? Frequently guests will use either Facebook or Twitter to post a complaint that they’d like to see a response to. This will help you get a feel for the customers and how management treats their customer base.


Also, keep in mind that you can always message a business on Facebook to see if they have any available jobs that they may not be advertising right now.



Businesses in all industries are starting to use Twitter to advertise job openings. If you’re just generally looking for a job, first search some popular related hashtags such as #jobs #nycjobs, or #restaurant. You can always follow city specific handles such as @ShiftgigChicago for specific job posts.


Much as you’d use Facebook, you can use Twitter to see how businesses respond to issues, reach out to their customers, and engage their community.



Shiftgig is a newer social media site exclusively for the service industry that lets you build a profile and apply to restaurant jobs through the site. You can build a profile that shows off all the reasons to hire you. Through Shiftgig, you can really stand out from other candidates with a more complete and professional looking resume.


First, make sure to choose photos that really showcase your personality. The service industry is all about being personable and friendly, so employers want to see that! Next, ask coworkers to write you recommendations. This will help you stand out to employers because they’ll instantly know more about you than they would on a normal resume. Finally, fill out your experience, using tips from (XXX insert link to “How to Create a Server Resume here).


Once your profile is complete, you can apply through jobs directly through the site in your city. If you’re applying to a restaurant that isn’t using Shiftgig, download your resume directly and send it to them. You’ll stand out immediately!


Now that you’re a social media expert, get out there and find out what’s available. You’ll definitely stand out with your knowledge about the business and your fantastic resume and you’ll find a job in no time. Good luck!


Sara Linssen works for Shiftgig, focusing on utilizing social media to build community. Shiftgig is the leading networking and job site for the service industry, launched in 2012. It helps link candidates to employers to simplify the job search and connect the service industry.


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