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Dario’s Brasserie

Dario’s Brasserie

Omaha, NE

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Key words: Neighborhood. Genuine. Passion.

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For those of us who aren’t familiar with the term Brasserie, it is a French term describing a French restaurant with relaxed yet professional service; a homey place with a neighborhood feel.

This neighborhood restaurant was different than the type of restaurant I typically write about. They aren’t starched professionals who are making a career of serving, and normally I don’t focus on that demographic, but this team inspired me and I think they will inspire you too.



Towards the end of my shift I sat at the bar to enjoy some of Darrio’s food. I got introduced to Roberto, a handsome young man who used to work for Dario. We got to talking about the restaurant, and he told me he used to work for Dario. He reveals, “He’s a serious guy. I was late for one of my shifts and got fired, but I still love him.” I was shocked to hear that–not that he was fired for his misdemeanor, but that Roberto still respected Dario.

When a business owner places importance on their reputation among their staff, that makes for a great work environment. “I’m not sitting at home or taking vacations.  I have to be “boss” but I pull my weight so even if I’m not at my best behavior or performance, they [the team] understand.  I’m here and not drinking at the bar across the street and bitching,” says Dario.

Well, he earned my respect; that very evening I saw Chef Dario running the line, but he also ran food out to the guests. Not many chefs will do that.


You might think that a restaurant that now feeds the neighborhood and people from around Omaha had instant success, but that’s not the case.  There was push back. “A lot of restarants cater to what everyone wants (at the time),” but Dario’s didn’t. They served Belgium beer, and only Belgium beer, from the beginning.
While that may not seem like to big deal now, it was a big deal when he first opened, seven years ago. “People thought we were insane that we didn’t offer any domestics.” There was pushback from the community but they kept to their passions and thought, “We love what we do so hopefully people will supprt it.”


Dario’s new Italian restaurant is facing a similar obstacle because of the cuisine they serve–it’s not pedestrian, it’s (gasp) something different. “It’s all Northern Italian– there’s no meat balls, there’s no lasagna, there’s no tiramisu, so there’s a really big push again.” He goes on, “If I’m going to open a restaurant I’m going to love it because I’m not going to get stuck in any restaurant that serves crab cakes, hot artichoke dip, or Ahi tuna. It’s done already in 200 restaurants.We don’t need any more.”

“It is passion and love. We are in the neighborhood so we have to serve food that people can eat three times a week.  We don’t want to just be a special occasion place,” he adds.

When success comes to those who have enough integrity to stick to their vision it can inspire other people to follow their unique vision too. And that’s when communities begin to rise and restaurant scene’s become exciting and waitresses who travel the U.S to write about excellent service come to your town.

Dario’s service team loves the guests and are proud of the food they serve. While I chatted with Devan, a waitress who makes you smile just to be around her because of her kindness and charm, she tells me “It helps that the food is great, I think I would hate my life if I didn’t like the food.” It’s not just the food though. “Here you have your guest, you’re taking care of them through their whole meal, and a lot of times they’ll come back. You build relationships with customers. You see the same people over and over again and you foster a relationship with them. ”

The servers at Darios seem to be the type that really, honestly, truly want to make people happy. Jayden, another of Dario’s servers said, “There is sort of a joy in serving, especially food. The dinner table is such a memorable place, so many things happen there, its great to be able to provide that experience for people. There’s so many other things you can do to serve another human, but the food industry is accessible and everyone is always in a good mood, it’s not like serving people at the DMV.” I agree, I doubt many employees come home from work and say, “ya know, I had a really great day at the DMV today.”


This restaurant team teaches us that if you are a genuinely hospitable person, you should just follow your vision and be yourself.


I would like to thank Chef Dario and Chef Patrick for being so nice and fun and wonderful. Thank you Devan and Jaden for giving me gold nuggets of perspective. And thank you Cody, Kerry, Anna, Mckayla, and everyone else who works hard on that team. You were wonderful!


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