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Vodka is the number two, top-selling spirit in the world (number one is a Korean, rice based spirit called “Jinro”). Knowing how vodka is made is important in understanding its flavor and delicacy. It’s flavor, I’ll tell you right now, is neutral, plain, boring. But that is why vodka is so great for making cocktails!

This course will explain how vodka is made and then teach you the top five cocktails made with that spirit, because…

You need to know!!!

Knowing the base of the most popular cocktails that your guests will order is how two things happen:

  1. You build trust with your guests. How? Because you know what they are ordering, you can talk to them about their drink and…
  2. You can up-sell. Without knowing what drink is made with what spirit you can not recommend a higher quality or better choice of that spirit. This is the opportunity for you to say a very important, almost magical sentence to your guest, “can we make that with __________ vodka for you? It is amazing and really makes a great cocktail.” They will then say, “yes!” and throw money at you. (Maybe not, but maybe!!!)


So enroll today and let your guests start throwing money at you!


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