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Spirits & Wine Master Course

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Bring it on… answer practically any guest question about practically any spirit or cocktail.


Walk into any liquor store, or open any cocktail or wine menu and get it.


Stop counting on others for the answers and become the person that everyone can count on.



  • New to the restaurant industry? Just because you’re the “new guy” doesn’t mean you have to act like the new guy.
  • Want to get a better restaurant job? Better restaurants expect better knowledge, get it here.
  • Need to answer your guest’s questions? You can have the answers by your next shift.
“Effective and fun learning tool. I totally recommend this course for anyone that works in the hospitality industry.”
-Skipper– Vancouver


Train at home today and be prepared for your shift tomorrow.

Don’t suffer through another shift because of inexperience or lack of knowledge. You can become the NUMBER 1 Spirits and Wine Pro at your restaurant. (And hot damn that feels good!)

Why enroll today?

    • It’s fast
    • It’s entirely online
    • More knowledge means higher tips
    • You can answer guest’s questions, not dodge them
    • You choose how fast (or slow) you proceed in the course
    • Become a trainer that people respect
    • Never say “I don’t know” again (please? I don’t knowers are no Bueno.)
    • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • It’s only $67.oo




The Spirits and Wine Master Course is for two different types of busy people.

Which one are you?


1.Servers who need to play catch-up.

Your first restaurant job, or your first high class restaurant job can be intimidating. You are expected to know…well, practically everything. The problem is, no one teaches you everything. That’s up to you.

We make it easy for you to:

  • Learn about wine, spirits, and cocktails.
  • Answer any guest question.
  • Recommend and explain drinks.
  • Know the follow up questions to certain drink orders.
  • Impress your friends, your manager, and your guests.
2.Servers who are ready to achieve Expert status.

Regardless of how long you’ve been a server and how much you know today, there is always room to know more. Unfortunately, laziness and over-confidence tends to get in the way of great servers becoming superior. I’m sure that doesn’t afflict you–otherwise you wouldn’t be here today.

The demand for exceptional service has gone up. The fact that your guests are more knowledgeable and there is more competition, requires you to step up your game. Gone are the days of getting away with being mediocre–a new level of server is sweeping the service landscape…thank God.






The Spirits and Wine Master Course is not for people who like long courses and lectures.

We use repetition, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank to teach our servers.


Check out this question sequence from Subject 1: Martini’s.

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See how gradual the information is taught?









The 3 minute assessment




One purchase gets you a lot!



$100 Value

Spirits Course

  • 10 subject course
  • Fill in the blank, multiple choice
  • Zero to Expert
  • Quiz format-quizzes are fun!
  • Complete the first subject in 10 mintues
$15 Value

Wine 101

  • 3 Subject Course
  • Understanding lingo & terms
  • White wine varietals
  • Red wine varietals
  • Characteristics, pairing, flavor
  • Complete in under 1 hour
$26 Value


  • 5 printable sheets
  • Over 200+ culinary terms/definitions
  • Food allergy list
  • Popular cocktail recipe list
  • Study or reference
  • Tri-foldable=server book


  • Whiskey drink module
  • From Brandy to Vodka
  • Free updates
  • Lifetime access
  • Money back guarantee
  • The BEST course for servers





Your Challenge…


1.Decide to DO IT!

No one is going to make you become a better server (that’s why there are so many crappy ones). You have to make the decision that you want to become a better server–more knowledgeable, more professional, and then take action to get there.

2.Take the first subject.

Today! RIGHT NOW! The first subject is, “Martinis.” You’ll see right away how fast you’ll learn, how good it feels, and how much smarter you are than everybody else!



3.Share your knowledge–pass it on.

Now, share what you know with others. Educate your guests, help out a co-worker, or make a friend smarter. You are now a “go-to” person. (Don’t ever forget what it’s like when you need help and have questions.)



“This server education course was so helpful for me in learning the origin and history of different types of spirits. With casual, fun verbiage and repetition, this course provides the easiest, most effective way to commit useful information to memory..”
-Korynne– Fine Dining Server, MO
“Coming into this course I knew next to nothing about the material, and I now feel that I can answer friends and coworkers questions with no problem. The amount of knowledge that I’ve gained from taking 15 minutes out of each week is amazing.”
-Liz– Pastry Chef, NY



“I took the online wine course which I totally love. The way that she organized the information and explains it in a fun way made it very enjoyable to learn! My service when from 5 to 10 and my managers were very proud of me.”
-Giovana– Server, FL



“So last night I had a guy order a perfect ketel one gibson. The bartender didn’t know what it meant! Our restaurant isn’t really fancy, but being able to understand that order (and show up the bartender) felt great. Thought you would want to know. Thanks!”
-Lindsay– Server, WI






15 minutes a day, for 2 weeks..





No course is easier. Whenever you have some spare time, simply go to and login. You’ll be taken to your private membership page. Then, complete any subject you wish. It’s really that easy!
Find a few spare minutes at home.
Login to your account.
Complete a subject module.
Use that knowledge during your next shift.
Recommend and sell more drinks.
Watch guests fall in love with you.
Make more money!





No more excuses. Enroll and complete a subject today!




$67 for 1

Start Today, and…

  • Spirits Course
  • Wine Course
  • Printable Material

…have a better shift tomorrow!

$150 for 3

Grab some friends…

  • No expiration
  • Compare Progress
  • Learn with friends

and learn together.

Small Team
$444 for 10

Make a choice that will…

  • Independent training
  • Remove stress
  • Sell more

improve your team.

$900 for 30

You can train your team…

  • Create the best service team in your city
  • No on-the-clock training
  • Every server turns into a 10
  • Money Back Guarantee

…& increase everyone’s profits.


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