Every Sommelier and Spirits Expert Starts Where You Are Right Now

(At the beginning.)

Imagine being the wine and spirits go-to person at work.

Instead of the "I don't know, let me ask" person.

Are you a server in a full service restaurant?
Are you expected to know about wine and spirits?

Do any of these scenarios ring a bell?

You just got hired at a great restaurant and after you receive the wine and cocktail menu, your tail goes between your legs.

You just got finished with training at a new job and you're as informed about spirits, cocktails and wine as you were before you started.

You've scoured the internet for help but quickly realize that the articles aren't very helpful and you feel more overwhelmed than when you started.

It's time for a better restaurant job. You're committed to making more money but deep down you know that you have to increase your game before you're ready to apply.

This spirits and wine course is your game changer.

I created this course because I needed this course.

My first real serving job was at The BlueStar in Colorado Springs. It is still the apple of my eye. It was team serving (I didn’t understand the awesomeness of team serving until I worked in one), and I was the weakest link in the team. I had people depending on me and a bar was set by my peers, and it was HIGH.

My team had the power to give me the old heave-ho, so rather than just saying, "I’m sorry" at the end of shifts (for not pulling my weight and being generally douchey) I would give up my tips to the other servers.  If I made $150 and felt that I didn’t pull my weight, I would let my team have it…just don’t fire me yet!

Giving up my tips based on my performance really inspired me to work hard at becoming better. I had to earn that money! And the better I became, the more money I earned. (Weird, huh?)

Our wine list had 700+ wines and I didn't know if Cabernet was a grape or a region. So I studied and became a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Years later, I was moving to a new city and wanted to get a job at a great restaurant where the servers made bank. My culinary knowledge was exceptional and I knew my wine, but my spirits knowledge was lacking.  And that had always bothered me.

Having to ask a co-worker, or the bartender, or God forbid the manager, just made me look ignorant, and feel like an idiot.

Where my story begins to effect you

So I thought enough was enough.  I was going to become one well rounded, bad-ass server.

It took just as many hours to fully understand spirits that it had taken me to pass my Sommelier exam. (Too many....like 300+)

I want every server to have an opportunity to become very knowledgeable, but without having to spend hundreds of hours of studying, flash cards, book purchases and grilling the liquor store owner, like I had to.

So I created a course to help fellow servers become all they want to be.

As you know, studying a subject like this can be like going down a rabbit hole.  You must begin with the basics in order to understand the more advanced stuff; but how do you know what the basics are if you're clueless on the subject?

Well, I do know the subjects, and I teach it to you starting from the ground up. Basics before baller.

I actually take my own course when I begin to feel rusty. (Every 6 months or so.)

So, just like the Hair Club For Men, "I'm not only the Spirits and Wine Master Class creator, but I'm also a customer."

Wine and spirit questions stop being scary when you have the answers.

What level server are you?

When it comes to drinks, find out what you really know.

How bad-ass are you, really?

Does someone at work claim to know-it-all?  Put them to the task with the Self Assessment!

This Ultimate Booze Course was designed specifically for people just like you, people in the restaurant industry.

“Anyone can be a server.” Have you ever heard someone say that?  Me too.  And I guess it’s true.  But not everyone can be a great server.  That takes a level of professionalism, hospitality, and knowledge.

- Jennifer, iamWaitress, Server, Sommelier

What does this professional career server think?

As a bartender for over a decade, I only wish every server I worked with had taken this course. It would have made their nights and mine go so much smoother. And as someone “in the biz” for 25 years, I was really impressed with Jennifer’s superior knowledge, and how much she taught me with this. I wouldn’t have thought I “needed” this for a minute, but I still learned a ton and was able to put what I learned to use at work, literally from the first lesson. If your living depends upon making liquor sales and giving great service, this is definitely a worthwhile investment – it’ll pay for itself maybe even before you’re done with the course in fact, and then many times over again in your years to come. Jennifer’s teaching style has a way of making learning fun as you go too. I found myself looking forward to each session because it felt so much more like play, than work, or school!

- Guy Malone, Fine Dining Server, TiporStayHome.net
You'll absolutely love this course
(Because it's fun, fast and it works!)
  • Fill in the blank

  • Multiple choice

  • Match the answer

Fill in the blank

Throughout this course you will be expected to recall information that you have previously learned.  This gives you an opportunity to use that knowledge and gives evidence of your progress.

Multiple choice

Before you are expected to fill in the blank, you will be presented with questions that have multiple choice answer options.  By coming to an answer through reasonable deduction your mind has a better chance of retaining that information because it worked out the answer, reasonably.

Match the answer

When a lot of information has been taught to you and the lesson seems overwhelming, you will be given the list of answers.  You simply match them to the correct clue.

Are you ready learn about wine and spirits and have smoother, more profitable shifts?

Screw the $500 seminar!

Spirit education is hard to find and expensive when you do.  Servers can make great money, but throwing down $500 to $ 2000 for a seminar that will be soon forgotten is silly.

The Spirits Master Class is affordable for any server and unforgettable for any mind.  Besides, you can take the course, or a particular module to refresh, any time you please.

If you’re a server who has a lust for learning and integrity for their profession, the Spirits Master Class was made for You!


Check out these course examples

Fill in the blank

Within the next hour you will know how to fill in the blank on questions such as:

  • What Scotch region produces the lightest Scotch?
  • How many times is Scotch distilled?
  • Single malt scotch has been made with/at one _______________.

Multiple choice

Multiple choice can sometimes seem easy, but all it really means is you've got it! I call it eye-roll learning. If you roll your eyes because, 'I got, I got it,' then you really got it, got it!

A perfect martini is ______, different than a wet martini which is ____________.

  1. extra vermouth / extra ice
  2. sweet vermouth / extra vermouth
  3. 1/2 sweet vermouth, 1/2 dry vermouth / extra vermouth
  4. garnished with a cocktail onion / up and extra cold




Match the answer

When you just need a little reminder, you'll get it. The 'match the answer' questions help you deduce which answer is the best answer, therefor the right answer.

After the hinting questions, you'll be able to fill in the blank.

Get the benefits this course will give you

Earn higher tips on a consistent basis.

Have fun impressing your guests.

Build repeat guests who trust you.

Build repeat guests who trust you.

What about your privacy? What about your convenience?

What about your privacy? What about your convenience?

A $100 Course

(Priced under $100, with Free gifts!)

Wine Knowledge.

Everyone wants a glass of wine.  And everyone wants to know what “this” wine tastes like?  Will it pair well with my food? Has it gone through malo?

Everybody wants to know about wine and they depend on their server to help them decide what to drink.

Help your guests and they'll thank you for it.

Study Material.

You'll learn so much, but having study and reference material can't hurt.

You'll receive 8 pages of printable study material about everything you learned, but they also contain basic server information. (Culinary terms, allergy info, cocktail recipe's and more.)

Get more than the Spirits Course!
Free Gifts For You!
Which turns this deal into... a GREAT deal!!!

3 Subject Wine Class for servers.

From food pairing to answering guest questions, this wine class is specifically designed for servers who work in full service restaurants.

Answer questions, make suggestions, and understand the wines you offer.

Or purchase the wine course alone.

Purchase Wine 101 for $15

Printable Reference & Study Material


These five reference sheets contain every piece of information a server could possibly want to know.

From hundreds of culinary terms, extensive quick-glance wine info, spirits facts, beer info, coffee drinks, cocktail recipe list, and more.

You’ll have all the information, in your pocket.

Or purchase reference material alone.

Purchase Reference Sheets for $26.95

$100 Spirits Course
Over $35 in gifts

If you are not completely satisfied, you get your money back. (I cry, but you get your money back!)

Get excited! Things are about to get a whole lot easier at work.
Take the plunge and get started NOW!
get started today

Effective and fun learning tool. I totally recommend this course for anyone that works in the hospitality industry.

Skipper, Server, Vancouver, Canada

This server education course was so helpful for me in learning about the origin and history of different types of spirits. This course helped me build a liquor knowledge base from which I can build off of in the years to come. With casual, fun verbiage and repetition, this course provides the easiest, most effective way to commit useful information to memory.

Korynne, Server at James Beard award winning restaurant

Coming into this course I knew next to nothing about the material, and I now feel that I can answer friends and coworkers questions with no problem. The amount of knowledge that I’ve gained from taking 15 minutes out of each week is amazing.

Liz, Pastry Chef, NY

I took the online wine course which I totally love. The way that she organized the information and explains it in a fun way made it very enjoyable to learn! My service when from 5 to 10 and my managers were very proud of me.

Giovana, Server, FL

So last night I had a guy order a perfect ketel one gibson. The bartender didn't know what it meant! Our restaurant isn’t really fancy but being able to understand that order (and show up the bartender) felt great. Thought you would want to know. Thanks!

Lindsay, Server, WI
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