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Why You Should Use Comment Cards


People want to give you feedback!


Comment cards have a pretty bad rap, but why?  In an industry that is always seeking ways to improve, why would you miss a chance to gain feedback?

And it’s not just any feedback, it’s feedback from people that have taken the time to come in, spend their money and have immersed themselves in your experience.  What better way to wring out everything you can from that guest?


Whether the information that you gain is positive or negative makes no difference.  If it is positive you can keep up your momentum.  You can continue on your track knowing that there is a warm and pleasant wind of approval at your back propelling you forward.  If, on the other hand your feedback is negative, you can stop and consider; reassess your direction, your food, your service.  You can also contact that customer and have a dialogue with them so you can further understand their position.  You would also be in an easy position to offer them something in attempt to make it up to them. Or maybe after a conversation with them you will realize that their personal opinion is not one that meshes with something you desire correcting. (e.g. Complaint: the filet was way to expensive for the size! Reality: It’s Wagyu Beef which this customer has never heard of.  He ordered it well done and wanted ketchup with it. Conclusion? Who cares about this guy?  Not me and probably not you.)

Old School Thinking

Maybe you are thinking that comment cards are tacky.  They are!, if your restaurant is tacky. But then again if that’s the case, your wine list is tacky, your menu is tacky and so are your servers. But,if your restaurant is hip (like I am sure it is), you’ll design a hip comment card and it will be perceived as hip. If your restaurant is progressive, your comment card will be perceived as progressive.  If your restaurant is trendy, you’ll make a trendy comment card and it will be perceivec as trendy.  Speaking of trendy, do you see a trend with what I am saying? Comment cards are like outfits, they only reflect your personality.

Ideas Of What To Include In Your Comment Card

  • What is your name?
  • Would you like to be informed of dinners and events? Then please join our e-mail list.  ( This is a fantastic way to grow your very important e-mail list)
  • What did you enjoy for your first, second, third course.  Please score/rate it.
  • Score/rate your service.
  • Score/rate ambiance.
  • Score/rate wine parings.
  • What month is your birthday? (for promotions)
  • What month is your anniversary? (for promotions)
  • How did you hear about us?
  • What was your favorite part of your experience?
  • What one thing could we have done that would have knocked your dinner socks off?


What do you think?  Most restaurants don’t have comment cards.  Does yours?  If you do not, can you come up with a non-regurgitated answer as to why not?  If you do, why do you?

Enjoy your next shift and make a crap ton of money!

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