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1. When opening wine for a guest, whenever possible you should present and pour the wine from the guest’s ______________hand side.  

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2. A proper description for a steak prepared Medium Rare would be_____________________?

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3. Your guest just ordered a Bombay Saphire, up (↑), garnished with an onion.

In short order, what did your guest just order?

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4. Table 1 is fired.  What does “fired” mean?

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5. Someone just ordered a Pinot Noir because they love “all Pinot Noir.”  Oh crap, you don’t have anything on your menu that says “Pinot Noir.” (Weird, I know.) Based on the following options, what would you suggest to them if they love all Pinot Noir?

Hint: They love ALL Pinot Noir.

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6. What are the blue veins that run along in blue cheese?

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7. When you see the word STRAIGHT on a Bourbon label, you know that the whiskey has been aged for at least ____  years.

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8. ______________ converts _______________ into alcohol.

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9. Your co-worker asked you to run their drink to their table. You know the table and the position # of the delivery, but when delivering the drink to the guest, what kind of drink will you announce it is (based on the picture)?manhattan

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10. There are three main grapes used to create Champagne.  Which of the following is not one of them?

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11. For more information on the courses and products that iamWaitress provides for servers, check out the bottom of your results page.

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