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Amuse Booze Bouche–A Sales Idea

Amuse Bouche:

  1.           To amuse the palate
  2.           A greeting from the Chef de Cuisine

Feature Your Drinks!!!

How can you be a little bit better if you don’t provide just a little bit more?

How can you make just a little bit more money if you don’t tease a little bit more?

Raise your liquor revenue percent!  

The restaurant industry makes a profit off of the alcohol it sells so why not sell it?

  • Tempt your guests into drinking a specialty drink.
  • Showcase how parings work; coordinate your amuse bouche to accompany an amuse booze bouche.

Spoil people with the creativity of your bartender or mixologist.  Introduce the unique flavor profiles of the unique liquors that you carry.  Be innovative.  Be the first in your town to do an amuse booze bouche.  Lead the way.  Celebrate all aspects of what your restaurant provides.  Drink and be Merry!  Give your guests an Amuse Booze Bouche!

Amuse Booze Bouche:

  1. To amuse the palate
  2. A greeting from your bartender/mixologist


  1. Test drinks popularity potential
  2. Tempt guest into ordering a specialty drink
  3. Build trust between the bartender and the guest
  4. Showcase your bartender
  5. Show your restaurants innovation
  6. Added value of guest experience
  7. Great way to get rid of booze that is not being used/ordered
  8. Allow for more experimentation
  9. Fun
  10. Introduce a new product

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