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5 Ways To Do Facebook Right

Building an Audience

facebook 1Every restaurant uses Facebook. (Although maybe I shouldn’t assume. I just met a 32 year old woman who bought her first computer last week. Lesson? Some people are behind.) So I’ll just say every restaurant should be using Facebook to keep the world informed about their restaurant.

But what is the best way to acquire more likes, get people interested, and get your Facebook audience in your door?

It’s simple, but if you don’t have time to read further, then just remember the first and most important rule:


5 ways to get more Facebook action


1.  Quit talking about yourself


When there is no pressing issue or danger, people think about themselves 95% of the time.
Just because you are speaking through a computer doesn’t change the rules of basic human behavior. People want to think and talk about themselves, not you, not your restaurant, only themselves.

How can you generate business if you don’t talk about the restaurant? You just have to get a little creative. Get people to think about you by thinking about themselves.

Start talking about your customers!


Instead of saying, “Today our lunch special is XXX and YYY. Come in and join us for lunch!” How about something like,

  • “Have the afternoon free? Then come and try our new martini!”
  • “We fold our napkins like this: picture. But our day waiter suggested this fold: picture. Which do you like better?”
  • “How many friends are you bringing in after work? If you have at least two, then try our appetizer trio!”


Consider Apple.

OMG, is that YOU!?!?!?

OMG, is that YOU!?!?!?

Apple doesn’t talk about how awesome they are– not directly. They talk about how their awesomeness will effect your awesomeness. Won’t you look cool with an iPod? Won’t you have fun with your friends playing your iPod music? Won’t you look sexy dancing to music on your iPod? (

(They even use cool looking silhouette’s of people so you can mentally insert your sweet-looking face onto one of those fun, active, youthful and hip bodies.)


Bottom line? Be a part of their day by engaging them in yours.


2.  Take better pictures.


For the love of God, please take better pictures!!! There are so many excellent camera phones that there is simply no excuse for gross and unappetizing food pictures. Don’t know how? Here’s are six tips:

  1. Get out of the harsh light of the kitchen and head over to the window. Natural light wins every time.
  2. Don’t use the flash. Which, if you follow number one, should be a no brainer. If you are in a dark area, try using a candle.
  3. Try shooting from directly overhead. It shows a spread beautifully.
  4. Show an action shot. Get the server with the good looking hands to make a grab for the fries, or fork a beautiful vegetable, or showcase how far that cheese can actually stretch.
  5. Slice it. You don’t have to show a picture of food in its entirety. Think about a picture of a cake vs. a picture of a cake with one slice removed. There are times where slicing, cutting into, or deconstructing the food makes for a better photo.
  6. Ask your staff to take a picture and compare. Who got the better shot? Use their picture, duh. You may even find some talent lurking on your staff–have some fun finding it.


easelly_visual (39)


Check out these pictures.

Between the two, are there ones that you find more appetizing than the other?

It looks like lighting plays the ultimate role.


3.  Teach people something



No one likes to be pitched to every day, (which is what you are doing if you are just telling people about your specials).  Let people know that there is a benefit to liking your page, and they don’t have to walk through your door to receive it.
  • A recipe.
  • Etiquette.
  • What your building was before your restaurant was there.  (Better yet, ask your audience, “Who can tell us what this building was before we opened?”)
  • How the Cobb salad was invented?
  • Who James Beard is.
  • Why Michelin stars are awesome.

Who cares what, but use your expertise to make your guests smarter.

And when they reiterate that piece of knowledge to their friends, they’ll tell where they learned it.  FROM YOU!!!

4.  Ask people to like your page.


Yes, just ask.

Here’s an example:

Have you liked iamWaitress on Facebook? My posts are fun, engaging, and educational so you can be entertained, engaged, and educated.

Seriously…like me on Facebook.


5. Entice with deals


True Story:  Today I went to pick up my to-go sushi order. As I was standing and waiting, I noticed a sign that was virtually hidden from customer’s view. It read, “Like us on Facebook and get a discount! We post specials on Facebook that we don’t extend to anyone else. So, if you want to find out about deals, it’s easy. Just like us.”

I had no idea. I’ve dined here a billion times and I never knew about the Facebook promotion. I had never been informed about this. My servers, as awesome as they are, had not given me that insider’s tip.

What a missed opportunity for both of us.


Bonus Idea: Schedule posts


Anyone who is responsible for the media of their restaurant knows that posting relevant content, everyday, can be daunting. Some days you’re inspired and some days, not at all. If this is an issue you face, Facebook has a feature you may appreciate. It’s a post scheduler and it’s pretty rad. Simply write your post as you normally would, and press the triangle on the post button. This will open up a few options for you, the important one being the “schedule” option.

On those rare days when you have a million post ideas, use them all now, and schedule them for later.



And there you have it, Facebook in a nutshell. If you like what you’ve read, join my newsletter. It will help you be a stronger manager, or a better server. Sign up now!


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