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10 Ways To Be A Horrible Restaurant Manager



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 10 Ways To Be A Horrible Restaurant Manager


1.   Only conduct brainstorming meetings with owners and other managers. Never ask the people that come in direct contact, on a regular basis, with your guests, for input.  Do NOT, under any circumstances, ask the people that work for you and are responsible for implementing the ideas that you come up with if they have a better way.

2.   Do not do as your employees do.  You are a manager and should never be expected to “get your hands dirty”, as some people call it.  It is advised that you not even be good at serving tables or making a drink.

3.   Expect your staff to know almost everything about the menu, wine and cocktails but never train them to know it.  It is advised to show anger if the employee asks a question about anything and/or to make them feel embarrassed for asking.

4.   Show your true colors only to the people that you manage, but kiss the ass of the owner.  It is detrimental that you do not act yourself around the person that pays your salary.

5.   Try to drink as much as possible.  A great way to let people know that you are in charge is to drink at the bar of the restaurant you manage.  It shows control and almost demands respect.

6.   Don’t listen to your employees.  They are usually stupid people.  It’s best to just nod and pretend that you are listening, but another way is tell the employee that you don’t have time or to ask the employee if this is “really that important”.

7.   Try to have sex with the best looking of your employees.  When they are not around, try to have sex with the best looking customers.  This lets people know that you are young at heart and have class.

8.   Set rules for the people that work there, but do not follow them yourself.  I repeat, do not follow them yourself.  You are above any rules.  Rules are for chumps and you my friend, are not a chump.

9.   Do not tell any of your employees that they have done a good job.  They’re not dogs, they are people and people don’t need to feel recognition or praise.  Duh.

10.  Remind everyone the importance of being a team, but don’t give examples of it or incentives for it.  Remember to consistently treat some people better than others while reminding everyone that they are equal (not to you, to each other).

If you implement these rules today, you can begin to be a horrible or average restaurant manager.  After all, there are a lot of horrible and average restaurants that are waiting for a manager just like you!

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  1. I love this piece… I’ve been in the “Show Biz” restaurant scene for many years. I’ve witnessed and even played those rolls out unfortunately. Part of knowing how to run a successful operation is knowing how not too. Certainly the most important assets in any operation are the team members, and they must be treated as such.

  2. I never comment on articles but this is amazing! It’s a great reminder to all of those that manage restaurants that you MUST lead by example in order to have a strong and successful team! The moment you put yourself “above” the rest of the staff is the moment you get resentment and poor performance. Thank you Jennifer for touching on a very serious subject in a comical manner! You rock!

    • Dang, girl!– I feel super special that you commented on my article! Thank you!!!

      It is a nice reminder. Managers can get in a weird, elitist head space (as can the service team to guests), and in hospitality there is no room for that attitude, by anyone, to anyone.

      Thanks again Alicia.

  3. Hmm… I would say 90% of these apply to the restaurant manager, AND owner where I work! So sad!

    • Yes, that is a bummer. It’s hard have respect for people like that. Just think if they actually exhibited a leadership role… your restaurant would excel, you’d learn more and make more money.

    • That IS sad!

      I’m telling you, there are places out there for you to be employed at where this list is a joke to the leadership rather than a “how to” manual. You deserve to work in a place that respects you, Krissy.

  4. I just quit a job today due to several of these. #10 is spot on. Many of these apply to ownership too. Hmm. 10 Ways to Be a Bad Restaurant Owner: #1 – Have no experience whatsoever in restaurants but decide to buy one anyway. You like eating out. That’s experience enough. Just buy it and run your restaurant like you ran your construction company. Business is business. How hard can it be?

    • I agree Ric. Restaurant is one business that seems to be opened by people with no, or wrong, restaurant experience. I’m sorry that you had to quit your job, but good for you to have the integrity to leave a place with low integrity. Thanks for the comment, Ric!

  5. Hi Jennifer! My class, here at the Art Institute of Colorado, got introduced to this portion of your website today. Our educator, Charles Anderson, used your site to help shape the path we are on with this profession. Most, if not all, of us identified with your list. Educational, humorous, and certainly left a positive impression for change. I look forward to surfing the rest of your site.

    • Thanks so much Kerry for the great comment. I’d of had no idea!!! I do hope you enjoy my website and if you ever need any help, if iamWaitress can, iamWaitress will.

      • Your very welcome! I am also enjoying your FB page! And I look forward to opportunities that share in how to create an amazingly awesome environment in our shared industry. Until then..

  6. Lol, sarcastic much?

  7. Jennifer, this article describes perfectly the manager I worked with in the past. She would be a great example of every thing you wrote. Everyone saw her true colors except the owners. She was and still is an excellent chameleon. I will soon be working with her again and I wonder if she has changed any at all since I last worked with her. The only way it worked out for me to work at the same restaurant as her is she managed in the mornings and I worked usually at night. The night manager was completely opposite of her. He was there to help and did a great job. He did everything that the servers do. He cleaned machines, tables, floors, did stocking–whatever was needed. I am hoping that he will return to be the night manager. Thanks for all your great information. It is very helpful.

    • Thanks Shirley! I really, really, really hope that she has changed! What a drag to have to work with a person like this, yuk. All I can say is, I wish you the best AND if she hasn’t changed then you too deserve a drink or 10 at the bar.

  8. LOL way too many examples of dysfunctional, alcoholic managers come to mind!! YOU NAILED IT!

    • Thanks Lisa. It’s a little over the top, but unfortunately it’s also very true. Thanks for the comment!

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