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I have toured the country to spend time with the highest service-rated restaurants in the country in order to give you the best ideas and information available. If I don’t already have the answers, I make calls and ask the right questions to the right people, and then I give you that information.

The ideas and suggestions I present aren’t always the most popular, but they work when you use them. I’ve spent my time in the industry honing the craft of service and leadership and am here to help you think, feel and act in the way that will give you the most confidence, best team and highest income possible.


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“Serve From The Left” Myth

Serve From The Left: B.S   There are some lies that become perpetuated for so long, that they start to become true.  I fear this may be one of those examples. I have worked fine dining for over 10 years…

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10 Ways To Be A Horrible Restaurant Manager

  There is no reason that you can't start being a horrible manager today! Join millions of other restaurant managers in this Country who have already figured it out. Don't be left behind!      10 Ways To Be A…

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20 High Impact Interview Questions

So, you've received a server resume that sparks your interest, now how will you interview them?  Do you have a question or series of questions that cuts through the BS and leads right to the meat of who the person…

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8 tips to earn higher tips

8 tips to earn higher tips   Whether you have three tables all night or 30, you want to earn as high of a tip as you can from every table. This article will provide tips for waiters to help…

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Crappy Servers, Who’s To Blame?

Crappy Servers, Who's To Blame? Oh those pesky crappy servers!  How have we gotten to be so bad? We front of housers don't have the best reputation, do we? But, it's not really our fault, not really. Well then, who's…

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