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The “Everything Restaurant Service” Website.


A website for people who love the restaurant service industry and dedicate their time and energy to being the best they can. If that is YOU, then Welcome!


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Writing a book about service!

From 10 years of fine dining, research and iamWaitress, I have a lot of opinions. But no one cares about opinions unless they are backed up. So I spent time with 32 different restaurant service teams to discover what they were doing that made them top rated.

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Need Advice?

If you are experiencing glitches in service, let me help you. I’m pretty sure it is my purpose on this earth. Everyone can get better, but not everyone realizes it. Don’t be one of them.

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32 Restaurants

Where did I go and what did I learn? Check out my articles to learn what the best are doing.

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In order to really understand service I need to hear from the guest’s point of view. Take a survey about your feelings about service.

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The: No B.S Spirits and Wine Master Course (for servers)

No memorizing. No notecards. No clutter. No confusion.

The Spirits & Wine Course for you:

  • It’s FAST! Complete a subject in 10 minutes, or the entire course in a few hours!
  • Gradual introduction to information ensures you will go from Zero to Ten–guaranteed.
  • Fair price, astronomical results.
  • Increase your sales, increase your tips.
  • Designed for you to retain what you learn, with no flashcards, notes, or flipping a page.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee



Where to Begin?

Whether you want to learn more, test your knowledge with quizzes, watch how-to videos, or need help developing a service team, has you covered!


Think you know a lot? Take one of the many server quizzes and test your knowledge.

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Are you responsible for training, hiring, and running a service team? Want some support and ideas? iamWaitress has you covered.

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New Servers

Are you new to the service industry? Or do you want to kick up your game? Improvement is one article away.

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“”I have been a sponge for the last little bit and I’ve been writing it all down in a note book . It’s like working in the dark then turning on the light. Thank you so much…”  — Jerri, Newsletter Subscriber, Manager MI

Coming Soon: Virtual Service Consulting.

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